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Local independent attorney experienced in Trust and Estate Litigation, Probate, Trust Administration, Estate Planning, and Tax Controversies

Timothy J. Chambers is a San Rafael attorney who will capably and cost-effectively represent you when you have concerns about wills, trusts, probate, trust administration, and other issues which may require resolution in a courtroom or around a negotiation table.

Trust and Estate Attorney Timothy J. Chambers.
Estate Disputes Require an Attorney who is Comfortable Advocating Your Case

Law Offices of Timothy J. Chambers represents trustees, executors, and beneficiaries in trust and estate matters of all kinds, including trust litigation and probate administration.

We also draft wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and advise clients in all aspects of estate planning for individuals with estates of all sizes.

Many attorneys limit their practice to helping people create their estate plans (including wills and trust documents). These attorneys do an excellent job writing estate documents, but they are not comfortable in potentially adversarial situations.

We Enjoy All Aspects of Estate, Trust, and Probate Law

Attorney Tim Chambers is passionate about making sure your rights are respected. He has a history of success for clients who have had to rely on adversarial proceedings to protect their property, the wishes of loved ones, and their peace of mind.

We are appropriately relaxed, personable, and respectful. But, we are professional and determined to make sure our clients are treated fairly and in accordance with the law. We are a small firm with a lot of experience, but not with a lot of overhead. We believe that all parties to a dispute are better off when the issues are resolved quickly and decisively. We work very hard to obtain every legal advantage for our clients.

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